Alexandra Ljadova





“As a human of the 21st century, I believe that we have made incredible progress in science, culture and the ethics. But when it comes to art, I feel like we always come back to our nature. Nature, in this instance, meaning the simplicity of our life – the everyday life and the life we live as a whole. Nothing much has really changed from our ancestors living in caves. We wake up, work to have a safe place to live, get something to eat and then we go back to sleep. Not much has changed except the tools, comfort and the scale of our society. I believe that purest form of art is that of these cave people. It is all about humanity in its pure animalistic form, painted/drawn in lines. The simplicity of these paintings are very impressive to me because they are simple and convey many meanings through the abstract medium. My main inspiration is therefore the art of the Palaeolithic era, mainly the Venus figurines.”