NAME:     Anastasia Izotova


BASED IN:     Moscow



What is the future of art?

A timeline from mimesis epoch to the hyperrealism style shows that visual art gave to spectator all possibilities and variants for an execution. I would say that today art gives a place for philosophy instead and ask us for a different level of thinking. I suppose the future of art will take place as a conceptual proposal and reconsideration of a human being. Such a modern twist turns art more in a philosophical direction rather than just an aesthetic visuality. I think the future of art will be a result of people’s consideration.
Personally, I consider the future of art in a face of design. I believe that nowadays art, in particular, can enrich people`s daily life - to make them happier. The design is a special sensual art which can enter the souls of the people, change their emotional condition and ethics. Especially a spatial design: it has an access to the people lives, mood, consciousness, and behavior.

Space is like an orchestra.

I believe that a spatial designer stands out in his profession like a musical conductor. As the conductor responsible for the music, a spatial designer is responsible for the space we live. Space is like an orchestra where every 'corner' is responsible for the special 'sound'. Organized elements in the space create a special 'music' of set up. A spatial designer is in charge of that music, thus has an influence on his 'listeners'. My intention is to be such a 'conductor' and bring to the people 'music' of happiness, goodness, and coziness.
A purpose of my design is to spread a positive energy and make people’s hearts warm and emotional. I believe that positive events/interventions within a public place give to the people a feeling of being connected and united by sharing happiness together. By involving people in a playful space-experience I want to offer them an opportunity to open up and lose their masks of gravity.
My artistic tactic to use playfulness is a way to shine the light on our existence, to remind us about how wonderful our world is and provide interaction on a deeper, subconscious level. I think that a spiritual, intriguing and sensory atmosphere of space can offer a journey for people into their personal spiritual world and help them to find new sides of their personality..