NAME:     Badriah Hamelink


BASED IN:     The Hague



Badriah Hamelink is an artist that specializes in abstract sculpture and spatial projects. The minimal has a central role in her works. It is not an impersonal minimalism, devoid of any meaning, quite the contrary. It is a minimalism that is highly charged with meaning. This seemingly simple approach helps Hamelink to convey the essence of a sculpture, without obscuring its meaning with too much detail. This process of elimination denudes the truth that speaks through the form and offers the onlooker a point of view that is free from background noise. Hamelinks subject matter is derived from the human experience. She is fascinated by objects that contain traces of a life; be it ancient objects or symbols in contemporary art. Lately the techniques she uses have become a direct transmitter of meaning. The medium has become part of the message in an interchangeable relation..