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We, a Dutch band called The Gathering, would like to be part of the moon gallery by sending a tiny micro-chip (in a 1 cubic cm cube) containing our album ‘How to measure a planet?’ on various digital formats. We think the moon needs some music! We have always had a special interest in space, (rocket) science, etc. which can be heard in our songs and albums.

The Gathering formed in Oss (Netherlands) in 1989 as a doom metal band by brothers Rene Rutten (guitars) & Hans Rutten (drums) and Bart Smits (vocals), soon joined by Frank Boeijen (keyboards) and Hugo Prinsen Geerligs (bass). In 1992 the band gets picked up by the metal scene with the album ‘Always’, and the single ‘Stonegarden’. The Gathering has seen some different line-ups ever since. With Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals, their sound evolved into a more melodic and atmospheric sound. With ‘Mandylion’ (featuring hit single ‘ Strange machines’) from 1995 they reach a wider and more international audience. The album ‘How to measure a planet’ (1998) is recognised by many as one of their best albums. The single ‘Liberty Bell’, that describes the sensation of a rocket launch, turned out to be a big hit in Chile.

In 2008 current singer Silje Wergeland joined the band, after the previous vocalist, Anneke van Giersbergen, pursued a solo career. The band released three more albums with Silje; ‘The West Pole’ (2009), ‘Disclosure’ (2012) en ‘Afterwords’ (2013). The Gathering has released 19 albums to date, with worldwide sales and multiple tours through Europe and North and South America in concert halls and at festivals like Pinkpop, Roskilde, Rock am Ring, Dynamo Open Air and Glastonbury. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Silje Wergeland, guitarist Rene Rutten, drummer Hans Rutten, keyboards player Frank Boeijen and bass player Hugo Prinsen Geerligs. In 2019 the band celebrated its 30th Anniversary with shows in the Netherlands and Europe. For 2021 an American tour is scheduled, and the band is currently working on a new album.


SUBMISSION: How to measure a planet?

We, The Gathering, an alternative rock band from The Netherlands, think that music would also contribute very well to the Moon Gallery. The Gathering recorded a double album in 1998 called “How to measure a planet?”. This record, which is the band’s 5th studio album, is a loose concept album dealing about (space) travelling and escapism. The album was released on the 9th of November 1998, and was recorded at ‘Wisseloord’ studio in Hilversum, and ‘Bauwhaus’studio – with productional guidance by producer Attie Bauw – and mastered at the famous ‘Abbey Road’ studio. Upon release, the album received very positive reviews from critics who appreciated the band’s absorption of new styles such as shoegaze and trip hop into its sound. ‘How to measure…’ was more or less a departure from our metal past, exploring new musical territories.

We think it would be great if music, and this album in particular (of which we are very proud), would be one of the contributions going to the moon. We would like to add a very small digital chip with various digital formats of our album. We are currently investigating what kind of chip is useful, as it needs to be really small; 1 cubic cm!

Even though one cannot hear any sound on the moon (there is no air or something to allow sound waves), this does not mean we can’t send music to the moon. Digitally, on a small micro-chip. We think the moon needs some music!

A tiny micro-chip (in a 1 cubic cm cube) containing The Gathering’s album ‘How to measure a planet?’

Credits:(c) 1998 The Gathering – Century Media Records