Isabella Douzoglou






Data Scientist, Musician, Artist

As a programmer in the field of bioinformatics, the topic of understanding molecules is the core within the dawn of such sciences. Biology inherently a textbook diagram based reductive assumptions based thoroughly on theory, on the contrary to the mechanical quantification of the essential elements within living systems. Quantifying chemical structures, performing simulation, taking the parts of a system to understand the system; molecules are what make our system function.


Allowing for the existence of such compounds by inducing expression, transcription and translation, and allowing for hydrogen molecules to become some of the essential particles in protein folding. As well as allowing of chemicals to exist, water also facilitates membranes. In which membranes are used for proton gradients, which facilitates the way a cell makes its energy with a protein complex called ATP synthase. Our understanding in the dynamics in water and motor like protein complexes as such is an arguable breakthrough in the fundamental understanding of the self.


Our location in space is in water.


We are molecular machines.


The submission contains a protein engulfed in water molecules, not unlike molecular simulation, in crystal form, in 3D. This snapshot encapsulates one of the infinite numbers of conformations of each water molecule surrounding this complex system. The materials are 3 shards crystals for each water molecule, and a small wire of the proteins secondary structure. (These can be changed depending on the potential problems that may be caused by weight restrictions, although the concept should remain).


The water molecule, a dipole in space where the others are suspended. The oracle of order and chaos. Unquantifiable. The molecule that represents all life. What drops out of our eyes when we think about space. It is you. Without this molecule, we cease to exist.