NAME:     Maria Beaumaster & Sarah Bovelett

NATIONALITY:     Canada & Germany

BASED IN:     Den Haag



“Let us prepare ourselves to escape, to continue life and rebuild our cities on other planets: we shall not be long on this Earth.”
(Ray Bradbury to Oriana Fallaci)

Sarah Bovelett and Maria Beaumaster are a research-based, future-focused, collaborative duo. They have established themselves as unknowing, and because they do not know, they are asking questions. Their work deals with challenging the border between the survival and the advance of the human species within the context of (inter)planet-life relationship. Sarah’s work deals with interaction, systems of habitation and temporality. She is inspired by the idea of the unfinished. Maria worries about the passage of time and the finality of our mortality. Her work discusses themes of traditional narrative, the importance of the archive, and sourcing origin. Currently, they are both inspired by the ideologies of feminism and the motivation to fight the patriarchy. -