Ronald Vles




Naarden Vesting



Ronald Vles has been drawing and painting from his early youth. He studied law and became a solicitor (advocaat). When he backpacked through Latin America with only a sketchbook in his backpack he was so influenced by the overwhelming colors, that he bought himself his first aquarelle set and started making his first watercolor paintings.

Later he concentrated more and more on aquarelles and followed a few workshops specialized in watercolour technics, among others in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Ronald likes that technic because it enables him to sit down in nature and put down in a relatively short time not only what he sees but also what he feels.

“I am passionate about what brings people together rather than what divides them. The idea of drops of blood mixed together coming from people from many different populations, cultures, religions etc. , in a tiny container, sent to the moon and looking upon our planet from space, represents for me a strong symbol of a united humankind.”


My cubicle that will be sent to the moon will contain drops of blood from people representing different Civilisations, Populations or Religions (“CPR’s”).

  • Civilisations such as the Aboriginals from Australia, the Maoris from New Zealand, the Inuits of Greenland and the San from South Africa.
  • Populations of for instance Europe, USA, Japan, China, the Middle East.
  •  Religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.
  • In the years to come before the launch, I will organize small ceremonies all over the world that will be documented in short videos, where these different blood drops will be collected in a small container in the form of a heart.

These drops of blood must be seen as a symbol of life on Earth and the fact that all people are connected. BLOOD performs essential functions within the human body and it stands for the motor of life on earth. Think also of the “blood brother ritual” that originates from ancient Europe and Asia and which is also a sign of friendship by mixing blood of friends.
The abbreviation CPR (also used for CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) has been chosen because it can be seen as a symbol for a life-saving activity and thus for life itself.