Sofia Chin




The Netherlands



Wonder often plays a central role in my projects. This wonder inspires me during my research and is also visible in the final product. Those who use my products are therefore encouraged to experience wonderment about their surroundings. I like using materials, machines and ancient techniques in an unconventional manner, which in turn gives them new meaning.


Ever since we as humans exist, we have been exploring and discovering. 

Our perception is a fraction of the whole truth and because of that it is never definitive. Discoveries can be made at any time within our dynamic world which changes daily. 

INTERFERONE is part of Licht Ontcijferd, a collection of glass instruments made to enlighten that which our eyes normally can’t capture. The objects aid us in perceiving ourselves and our surroundings in a visually different way and therefore bring us a new meaning and value. 

This project is realized by exchanging knowledge and working closely together with experts in the fields of mathematics, glass blowing, the making of optical instruments and suppliers of glass and minerals. 

The significance of glass for mankind is huge because of its optical qualities: it reflects and refracts light. By observing these objects from different angles, a variety of physics phenomena can be experienced. The new found perspective in its turn will lead to new discoveries.