NAME:     Zuza Banasinska


BASED IN:     Poland




Each of my works is a form of regaining control over my surroundings by investigating the mechanisms of control itself. I strive for my videos to be immersive, creating worlds out of reshuffled elements of own and found footage. This approach allows me to subvert images in order to expose the patterns of systemic narratives.

Having worked as a translator, I try to approach images as one. Retranslating the translated pixels that project the image of the world in different resolutions. Since a direct contact with reality seems to be no longer possible and our experience of the world is increasingly mediated through images, I believe that we should consciously embody and “enter” them in order to deconstruct the patterns of systemic narratives from within. In my practice, I explore this embodiment through physical contact with the pixelated light, first-person immersion and the construction of 3D worlds that function as the extension of the body.

I am interested in exploring the boundaries between such dichotomies as space/place, real/virtual, universal/ personal, natural/artificial, embodied/disembodied. They intersect in various configurations in my works. I consider my videos to be a constant process, an exploration of similar ideas through different case studies, one leading to another. I strive to construct worlds in which new scenarios may take place. By using carefully picked elements of the world at hand, I am interested in seeing them transform into a locus of possible reflections and experiments on the problems facing me and my surroundings. In the words of Donna Haraway, I believe that "it matters what worlds world worlds.".