Jamal Ageli




Den Haag, The Netherlands



Jamal Ageli is a German photographer and video artist based between Frankfurt(Main) and Amsterdam. His works are shaped by an early love for optics and light, growing up in nature and the urge to find the most extraordinary aspects of our existence on this planet. By observing science and technology that shape our future as well as the beauty of the natural world, his vision leads him to create images full of colour, contrast and abstraction that reveal the scale of life and our relationship with the surrounding world.

SUBMISSION: My Home Is Dying, So Is Yours.

The transformation of landscapes through climate change is a silent and deadly acquiescence to an issue that feels wildly out of our own control.

The artwork “My Home Is Dying, So Is Yours.” reflects on the exponential transformation of a landscape sculpted by climate change, atmospheric pollution and extreme weather phenomena in Europe. Climate change exists in newspapers, scientific journals, and paper legislation, but most lack the teeth to enact substantial steps of said “change”. Talking about climate change as a future event has already led to the semi-permanency of environmental destruction in our surroundings. Less groundwater leads to dryness in the forest; dryness in the forest leads to desertification, and these are the beginnings of what I can see around me.

Using photography and film, the project aims to build a continuous document of the increasing loss of habitats and homes in our current time, as well as what this kind of “loss” looks like.

A local mosaic for a global threat to all inhabitants of Earth sooner or later.