Studio Samira Boon & Anna Sitnikova


The Netherlands/Russia


The Netherlands and Japan



Studio Samira Boon is a textile architecture studio based in Amsterdam and Tokyo with a strong focus on creating flexible and dynamic environments. As an expert in the material properties of textiles, Studio Samira Boon advises and collaborates with architects to formulate site-specific solutions. Adaptive and dynamic textiles improve the use and experience of spaces, acoustics, climate regulation and energy efficiency. The studio combines the adaptive and sensory qualities of materials with research into state-of-the-art computerized production techniques. Recent works include the 3D woven Super Folds, Archi Folds and Hortus Bionica: innovative series of textile structures, which bring together technique, science and art. For their development, she collaborated with Tokyo University, the Dutch TextielLab and the Sensor Lab.

Anna Sitnikova is an artist and designer based in The Hague. Space inspires her designs as the ultimate architectural space, where gravity doesn’t limit structural possibilities and axes infinitely expand. She is specialized in smart materials, three-dimensional, expandable and interactive structures


We want to send Sprout to the Moon. It is a high-performance, digitally woven textile species incorporating structural nature of origami to offer smart options for human habitat in the adverse environment of space.

Origami is usually associated with the traditional paper-folding arts from Japan. However, in recent years, this fascinating technique has been rediscovered and applied in unexpected ways. Research institutes, including NASA, are currently working on groundbreaking innovations using origami to create deployable structures for space travel. By folding and unfolding, the origami structures are extremely efficient in altering their form and dimensions. 

Sprout is a precursor to our new project Hortus Bionica in collaboration with Sensor Lab.  

She is our vision of adaptive future architecture that interacts with users and environmental factors. 

The resulting species, inhabitants of HORTUS BIONICA, are able to react to stimuli and change shape in an automated way in response to changing needs and circumstances. A garden of robotic textile creatures resemble nature in architectural setting and carry out a number of smart functions including climate and UV control.

Sprout is a germinating seed of future architecture that we want to send to the Moon as a part of Moon Gallery as we believe that textile origami structures can provide unique advantages for human habitats on and off Earth.