Tim Dechent







I’m standing in a room completely dark. It is lit in red though. A huge model of sparkling lights emerges. I’m at the max planck institute for astronomy in Heidelberg Germany. The hundred nearest stars to our sun are right there in front of me. I can visualize all the different systems and exoplanets. I wonder who or what is living there on these planets light years away from earth. I’ll leave the sight with a single picture and also once more with that feeling I get a lot during my search for extraterrestrial life. Insignificance. It only gets bigger as I see the sparkling of glass in the asphalt I’m walking on as the headlights from the passing cars transforms the scene into a galaxy filled with stars. A performative moment right there in front of me. I realize, the search for exoplanets and a potential new home is in full force at the institutions around the planet. It is no longer the question if the human race should or need to be an interplanetary species than when it will happen. My own fascination with the subject is rather the search for something new and to find yourself in it. The exoplanets will not solve our human problems they will only take them to a bigger scale and give them room to grow. My own journey during “we are not alone” let me shrink instead. It gave me the freeing feeling of insignificance.

My name is Tim Dechent. I am an art photographer from Germany and I want to submit work for the moon gallery. I picked five works from my series “we are not alone” which is about my search for extraterrestrial life.